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  1. I'll go find them tomorrow afternoon sometime and send you pics.
  2. I have everything except the proper pump and the solenoid
  3. The entire system consists of the pump, a hose to the diverter valve, a valve assembly with integral vacuum solenoid, two check valves on the pipes coming up from the exhaust manifolds, and two hoses that run from the diverter valve to the check valves.
  4. I believe so I'm not sure yet I don't know what my car has and doesn't have I'll double check in the morning
  5. Let me drag it out and snap some pics for you - do you just need the air pump?
  6. That would be awesome how much do you want for it?
  7. Our car was originally purchased in California. Not sure why there would be a different connector, but I have all my secondary air stuff stored in a box if you want me to dig it out.
  8. Yes I Bough a 00 z28 and it doesnt have an air pump and it wasn't tuned out...I live in cali so tuning it out is not a option I purchased one but the pig tail is different from the connector on my harness ...I can send a picture to an email but the one I have looks different from the one in your sticky ...thanks again
  9. Not that I am aware of -- you having issues, or need parts?
  10. Hey I had a question about air pumps is there a difference between the 98-99s and the 00-02s
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