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  1. No biggy bro. we will hook up someday. Glad that you are okay and hope you have a great labor day weekend.

  2. I hope everyone has a good holiday. If you are like me this is the last holiday my car would have been out until next year. When it was running I would be putting it away for the winter. I am in Neosho for the weekend, If I wasn't so busy helping my mom out with her place I would have swung over to meet you know how it is
  3. No prob on getting hold of me when you come down this way. If you let me know when abouts, we might even have a cruise going on and you can join in. You and anyone can feel free to call me anytime when in the STL area. My number is: 314-272-0642 Pop in and say hey.

  4. Hey BIG GUNS I am here in Lincoln NE but I do get down to MO about 5 times a year. Just not in your neck of the woods. I go down to help my mom out in Neosho just outside of Joplin. Maybe when my car is up and going I might come up your way and say hi
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