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Supras in garage

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12-01-2010, 04:28 AM
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  1. dayummmmmmmmm
  2. nomolos1
    Yea, the truck does need some work. But it's out of there now. Looks like we'll be parking another supra in there this fall.
  3. Ls1_385hp_T/A
    Rich bastard. Nice supras
  4. nomolos1
    not rich, just work hard. I do have another black one comming in a few weeks. This one is a 6sp. I'll be putting a motor in it, that I've had waiting for the wright doner. I just found one. So this summer I'll have another toy.
  5. nomolos1
    Project "Banshee", is in progress. The goal is to be over the 700 rwhp mark.
  6. nomolos1
    Looks like the new goal will be close to 1000 WHP!!!!
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