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08-06-2010, 11:07 PM
My Life AKA My Car
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  1. Spaz
    i just found my epiphone SG yesterday... i'm missing the two bottom pieces... can't even put strings on it to play it...
  2. lawless
    the bridge and tail piece?
  3. Spaz
    yeah... the tail stop (where the strings go through) and the bridge that they rest on... lost them when i moved a while ago... i got to order the parts for it...
  4. lawless
    i upgraded the ones on my les paul to a nashville and i black chrome tail piece - i'm wanting to upgrade the bridge on my SG sometime when it's back in my possession.
  5. Spaz
    yeah... i got to do something with it... i got 3 6-strings laying around that i can't use... my jackson kelly has a screwed up fret on the high e around the 14th fret... where ever i press the string it buzzes... my only workign electric is my 7 string...
  6. lawless
    all my electrics are sound, it's my acoustic that is messed up, and ironically, the one i play the very most haha. i'm somewhat attached to it, even though i'm planning to get a new one soon.
  7. has an epiphone les paul. now i have a schecter damien-6. but you guys probably dont play the stuff i do
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