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  1. thanks for the info, i'm sure i will see you around. i started a local fbody forum, check it out:
  2. i see you joined on my car belonged to the guy who owns frattellis rest. in brewerton. i live in constantia. small world huh!
  3. hey i think they are all done for the year.ill give you a list of the best . rt31 henry clay at the nice and easy on tues. lots of cars . gander mnt cicero next rt81 wed. thurs sylvan beach on the grass. also bellas rest. on taft rd 1 mile east of 81 sat sweets in fulton is good .there are a few others . if you see me by all means stop and talk to me. have fun with your new ride.
  4. hey, i have seen your car on rt 11 and just wanted to give you props.. looks good!

    any meets going on? just picked up my ws6 and looking to show it off a lil.

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