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  1. thanks man!!!!! I got a birthday comming up soon and xmas right after that and hopefully the gf and parents will remember me.. So tint... KR GPS.. pontiac gear, and a KR scanner should make my year be pretty satisfying
  2. I just went out to my car...grabbed the unit and scanned through the names. Hate to tell you does have Joshua as a selectable name. Hate to help you spend money like that, but whatcha gonna do?
    You will not be disappointed. I was originally going to keep the KR gps in my T/A for show purposes as a kinda gimmick. But im enjoying using it in my daily driver so much that I'm thinking about keeping it for daily use.
  3. When you get your GPS in you should see if it says the name joshua. If it does then I will buy one. I think they only know 400ish names
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