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  1. No problem. If you do it let me know if you need help at all. I can send you a write-up of what to do. Oh also you need longer studs if you do a spacer that doesn't have its own studs.
  2. Thanks for the info man. Enjoy!
  3. The only special thing I needed was 30mm hub-centric wheel spacers because of my wheel design. The spokes protruded towards the caliper, typically you need 15mm if you have corvette wheels.or something similar. You will also need 18"+ wheels for this.
  4. You will need:
    CTS-V front calipers (version 1 cts-v)
    Caliper guide and pins (version 1 cts-v)
    2007+ Z06 Corvette rotors
    CTS-V brake pads (version 1 cts-v)
    Custom brake line (from flynbye
    8 M12 Aluminum washers
    2 hub-centric wheel spacers
  5. Sweet! What was the total? And what adjustments did u need to make? Looking into breaks but im thinking of just doing rotors now to save money.
  6. Yes I did. It is a pretty sweet upgrade. I haven't had them on the road since I did the swap yet.
  7. Hey, did u install cts v calipers on your ws6?
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