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  1. Lol it's koo bro. Now that I see the white camaros I want a white one now lol
    Are u getting the ZR1s blk or chrome?
  2. O now i see what your saying my bad lol.
  3. Hey wazz up bro.
    I think your confused.
    The red one was mine but I sold it. Now I only have the blk ss.
    The white one is from another member.
    It's a sick ass car
  4. Whats up 98maro,I had no idea that was your white camaro.I seen that car on the other site,im not say what site you know the one im talking about lol.So is the red one your to?
  5. It will be this sping when i put them on.
  6. Both are good choice bro.
    Post some pix when you put em on
  7. IM going with 315x35 on the back,and 275x40 up frunt.
  8. Nice. What size tires are you gonna get?
  9. I just got some zr1s , I need tires now.My boy had some that he never used.
  10. No problem bro.
    When are u getting the new rims?
    Those asantis are to expensive
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