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  1. Solid tech advice, a good demeanor and... what's that? Whoops, I guess Ed made a mistake, sorry.
  2. Thanx for the Congratz!

    What did I do to warrant it?
  3. Congrats on making the Team!
  4. Yeah, Bloom County. Berke Breathed was the cartoonist. It then morphed into a Sunday only feature called Outland. I still have my "Bill the Cat for Prez in "88" T-shirt that I bought back in the day.

    I figured you might be a Steve Dallas fan...

    The pic they have of Bill the Cat on the Wiki page is what I use as an avatar on Camaro5...
  5. What was it, "Bloom County"? That, along with "Calvin & Hobbes" were my favorites back then.
  6. I like the new avatar. Bill the Cat is my hero. Phhhht! Akkk!
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