Hello all, joined today to learn about swapping gen iii + into old iron.

Am picking up a 05 yukon xl with l59 on Saturday is going in a 55 Chevy wide window truck, my Brothers truck.

My current on going projects are 77 k20 suburban, gen 1 sbc, future 8.1???. Can see at CK5.com. Manx type air cooled dune buggy, Manx.com forums.
66 Chevelle 6" rod gen 1 Art Carr 2004r, My retirement project a 1969 ford Bronco.

I have messing with cars, and trucks, motor cycles, dune buggies for @ 44 years. Am pretty good with gen1 and 2 sbc.
I have gen 3+ in the fleet I maintain but never really get into them. They just run and run. I have some 6.0 with over 7000 hours.
So will probably be asking all the newb wiring questions soon