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Worth it right now?

This is a discussion on Worth it right now? within the Computer & Tuning forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; So I'd like to make a few extra ponies if the price is right. I've already bought a Lid and ...

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    Worth it right now?

    So I'd like to make a few extra ponies if the price is right. I've already bought a Lid and added smooth bellows and have the CAGS eliminator. Mostly I want to focus on suspension for a while till I deem the car ready to accept a nice big new engine. Till then I'm thinking of doing the free mods for a good 10rwhp and possibly a mail order tune.

    I tried several search terms because I'd hate to ask this question if it's already been asked before but I came up empty.

    About how much hp can one reasonably expect from a mail order tune from Frost considering the state my car is in. meaning free mods, lid and bellows. would it be worth having the car out of action for a week or two? Also is the hp per $ worth it at this point in time or should I wait till I'm ready for the motor?

    Sorry if it has been asked and thanks for any help.

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    Lots of people think because you dont have mods or hardly have any a tune is not a good idea or not worth while. Some of the LS1 cars coming out of factory have alot of room to pull more power. A good tuner like Frost should be able to free up some more power out of your car. As to say exactly how much is very hard since every car is different but you should see atleast 10-12rwhp gains. If you were a A4 car which i know your not it would be even more beneficial. Either way i still think a tune is well worth it and Frost does it for fairly cheap. He is reliable and answers any and all questions or concerns so maybe he will hit you up here to give you a idea or just shoot him a message. Also forgot to mention, if you get more mods down the road you can always send it back to him and for very cheap he just does some minor changes and sends it back to you.

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    Not sure if this helps you.
    I plan on doing a tune on my truck soon. It is a 04 Sierra 5.3 RCSB Z71. It is my DD and stock. The only reason I want to tune it is to get more mpg out of it. Right now I average summer 17-18 winter 16-17mpg. I am thinking I can get an average of 20mpg after tune.
    I guess what I am tring to say is even stock you can benefit from a tune.

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