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Wiring Harness

This is a discussion on Wiring Harness within the Computer & Tuning forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; I'm doing a 6.0 turbo set up in a foxbody, very slowly I might add. I have 2 wiring harness ...

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    Wiring Harness

    I'm doing a 6.0 turbo set up in a foxbody, very slowly I might add. I have 2 wiring harness from a 2000 truck, along with a pcm and maf. What O2 sensor wires do you need to use on this harness? I'll have a AFR installed, but I just started going over this harness, did I mention I hate wiring, and trying to figure out what I need to eliminate. The harness I'm working on along with the pcm is out of a std shift trk, and I'm going with a PG. I was thinking of just wiring my fans up separate with a temp sensor or should I use the pcm to turn them on? I'm not planning on using the maf, afraid of problems at higher boost. I've also done a little research on the micro squirt V3. It comes with a tune to start it and has a 8 ft harness. With this I thought I may be able to learn to tune this thing myself. Start out low on timing and a little rich and try not to kill anything. Any thoughts or advice from people that have done this? This will be street and a lot of strip, car is set up nice, cage, ladder bars, 10 1/2 in tire, tube cross member and control arms and so on. I want to end up with something that will support more HP down the rd. Would like to start out with around 700 RWHP.

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    You can eliminate the rear O2 senders completely -- they simply tell the PCM if the catalytic converters are working and have nothing to do with how the car runs. You will then need to adjust your tune so that the lack of the rear O2's does not set a fault code and trigger the SES light. You'll simply need an extra bung in the exhaust for your wideband setup. The stock O2 sensors are narrowband and their output is all but useless when tied to a narrowband gauge. I would simply let the stock PCM and temp sender run the fans. Again, through your tune you can adjust their on/off points and simply install a lower temp thermostat. You are on the right track as utilizing the stock harness and PCM means that it will both fit the engine and include everything you need to get it up and running. I believe you'll need a different MAP sensor to accomodate FI and again, your tune will take that into account.

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