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what tuner should i buy?

This is a discussion on what tuner should i buy? within the Computer & Tuning forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; i have a stock 02 ss camaro slp and was wondering what tuner would be the best and give me ...

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    2002 camaro ss/slp

    what tuner should i buy?

    i have a stock 02 ss camaro slp and was wondering what tuner would be the best and give me the best results! please help! thank you?

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    A lot depends on what else you want to do. I wouldn't expect much from just using a power programmer. If you have an auto, you can change the shift points and firmness. The amount of changes you can make is kinda limited.

    If you are planning other mods, especially internal engine, save you money and get some tuning softwear or have it professionally tuned.

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    2014 camaro 2ss/rs

    i use the vinci tuner. back when i was stock i picked up .2 and 1.4 mph with it. did a back to back run. ran stock, changed program, did another run. about 10 minutes apart. here's a webpage i made about it. i've used it to tune the wife's car when i put heads on it. and most recently with the vinci 062 cam.

    if you have the patience and time to understand tuning and all those wonderful tables, get an editing program like ls1edit, hptuners, etc.... with those, you can make any change you want. tune to a finite level.
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    2002 Camaro SS Cnvt

    I have a Predator in a bag somewhere but haven't
    touched it since picking up HPTuners. The handhelds
    are really too limited for major mods unless you get
    one like the Crane/Vinci and happen to match one
    of their recipes, or use one of the handhelds' custom
    tune services. But if you want to do it yourself and
    anticipate substantial (and continual?) engine mods,
    go for PC-based tools.

    Living in the Socialist Smog Republic of California, the
    ability to kill codes alone is a significant difference.
    Hypertech, Predator won't; I suspect the Crane won't
    let you either but do not know for sure. Resetting is
    one thing, changing the reporting another.

    All of these sites have lots of discussion about this,
    plenty of opinions out there about what's best, but
    most folks agree that more accessible params & tables,
    the ability to log data of your choosing, these are
    what you want for tuning and the handhelds just do
    not have the capacity.

    There's a lot of us who've gone through the handhelds
    on the way to bigger tools and for me it was $300+
    bucks that I outgrew in a year and will never see back
    (resale value of a Predator being mighty low).

    But I also have half a dozen laptops around so that
    element of cost was a big "don't care". Still, buying
    on price will steer you down a dead end street. You
    can find used copies of HPTuners w/ cable for about
    the retail price of a Predator, if you have the patience.

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    I just ordered a predator from RWTD...they give unlimited custom tunes, but within reason. You have to get the cable to hook the handheld to a computer...but other then that you tell them what mods you put in and they send you a tune. The main reason I went with the predator is I don't have a buying one on top of buying HPTuners is just too expensive. And I don't have enough mods yet to get a dyno tune IMO.

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