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What Happened to Runnin' With The Devil & Diablo Sport...

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    What Happened to Runnin' With The Devil & Diablo Sport...

    What Happened to Runnin' With The Devil & Diablo Sport...

    Does anyone know if Runnin' With The Devil is still operating as a business? I'm not sure about the relationship between Runnin' With The Devil and Diablo Sport so please understand any misguidance here. I certainly don't intend to flame anyone's products or services. I actually had very high hopes for the Predator but the service I've received has been less than stellar.

    I made the mistake of purchasing a Predator many moons ago and can't seem to get it back from them. I can no longer get a response from them at all. So after investing over $595 in product, services and shipping I have nothing to show except a couple receipts and a lot of frustration. I just want my Predator back and the $75 I wasted on a programming service I never received.

    Purchased through one of their vendors
    After I got it I contacted RWTD in search of a tuner. I was informed by 'James' that had I purchased it directly from RWTD that I would have gotten a lifetime tuning service for one car. However, since I purchased it through a vendor I would have to pay RWTD and additional $75 for the service.
    I paid the $75 and was then told I would have to copy my current tune and ship them the Predator and pay for their shipping back to me later.
    I copied my tune and shipped the Predator to them.
    Through some internal confusion they didn't know what to do with it so they returned it on my dime.
    I had to ship it back to them again for the tweaking of the tune I had to save on it and haven't seen my Predator since. That was last March.
    I called them again in April / May and was informed by James they were relocating to a new facility and that everything was still in disarray and to please hold tight and they would get to my tuner.
    After several more weeks of waiting I began calling again. On my last contact I was told they would get it done that day or the next day and ship it right to me.
    Since then nothing but silence. I've called more than ten times now, typically getting the "normal business hours are" or the "we're busy so call back later" messages.
    I've also Emailed '' several times and have yet to get a response.
    Email used: ''
    Telephone being called: 251.479.9452


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    Not sure what's going on here. My understanding is if you want a custom tune (no matter who you bought it from/fees etc.) you don't need to send in the tuner - I didn't (bought it from them though), just post your request at The only reason to send in your tuner is if you need it VIN unlocked Maybe F-body units are different??? Dunno - haven't dealt with them lately. Sure would be nice to get a live body on the phone to get it all straightened out though. I'm about to graduate to HPT myself.
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    Actually, there's another reason you'll need to send your tuner in. If you already have a custom tune on your LS1 and you decide later to use the Predator then they'll have to manually exchange the baseline performance tune they provide on the unit with your tune. Then they'll program up from there.

    That's how it was explained to me anyway. Believe me, I was less than enthused about having to ship my unit back off after getting it. Let alone, twice.

    Thanks for the information, though. I do appreciate any feedback I can get on this.
    Take Care!

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    I've made "end user" changes to my program even after my custom tune, but like I said it's been a while - James emailed me my tune right before they went to the forum tune setup. One benefit of Predator when it came out was email tunes - if the tuner has to be shipped for every tweak now that's not good. I get emails from them time to time and saved them, going to look at them and if I find anything interesting I'll forward them to you. I'll also be watching this thread to see what I can learn too. Good luck on getting it straightened out.

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