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Is there some kind of chip or tune for a stock 99 TA?

This is a discussion on Is there some kind of chip or tune for a stock 99 TA? within the Computer & Tuning forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; I have a 99 TA that have a air intake change and that's about there a chip or some ...

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    Wink Is there some kind of chip or tune for a stock 99 TA?

    I have a 99 TA that have a air intake change and that's about there a chip or some kind of tune that I can get that will increase performance of my 99 ta with 50,000 miles on it? what else can I do other than a turbo?please include price of upgrades if you can.

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    Look up tunebyfrost.

    He offers mail in tunes that will wake up your stock motor and do some adjustments on the shift points (if auto) that are worth it.

    Stay away from chips, I think those died out in the early 90's.

    Upgrades - well that depends on goals, $$$, skill level and if you have the space to work on as well as tools.

    Goals - you got to decide on what you want. solid DD, track medium, track only, autox, road/street, show. Each build has must haves and not so much haves and more importantly costs as well as pros/cons. Track only cars get put on a diet, maxed out build and aren't so street friendly or legal, were as a show car doesn't usually go down a track where it could get into a wreak easily.

    383 Stroker - you can easily spend $3-5k on parts alone. Labor - will be almost the same if you have a good shop to do the work. 4" crank = $900, Fast intake $1000, Rods (budget) $400-600, Pushrods $130, misc parts like gaskets, arp bolts, oil pump etc - $500-1200. Heads - $2500. Other strokers are 403 and 408 those require a 6 liter block as a base and then bore out. You also can do a LS3, LSx, and IIRC LS7 but those require addition costs and parts too.

    Boosting - Turbo - $5-7k for parts, SuperCharger - $5-9k depending on the SC.

    Both require tuning- $500-650 per session.

    Also with increasing the HP you have other issues. Adding power will always find the weakest point in the drive line. #1 is the POS 10bolt rear. Followed by the 4Lshitty (the trans if auto), and then the aluminum driveshaft.
    Not to forget with adding power you now need to upgrade the suspension to get it to stick, otherwise you have a great burnout tire shredder.

    Mild bolt on's that you can do in your garage with little to medium skill level.

    Headers, Ls6 intake, 28lb fuel injectors, catch can, almost all suspension upgrades that are bolt in, brakes, slp air lid, egr delete (if you do headers you will need to. Air pump delete. With these you can have Frost do his mail order tune and he can adjust for these. If you do a mail order tune, wait till after the headers, injectors and Ls6 intake to send to him. That way yo only have to pay once. Especially when you change out injectors. To be honest the injectors can wait for a cam and heads swap later on because you'll need a full tune session after anyways and the injectors need to be for what you're doing.

    Here is a bunch of threads that have ideas and how to that can greatly help you. Some are even free mods.

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