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predator handheld

This is a discussion on predator handheld within the Computer & Tuning forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; I was wondering if the diablo predator tuner is worth it for a 6 speed car. I have heard good ...

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    predator handheld

    I was wondering if the diablo predator tuner is worth it for a 6 speed car. I have heard good things about it on the a4's but i wanted to know what i could expect as far as hp and performance on a 6 speed. The main reason i am looking into the handhelds is because i am putting 4.10's in soon and i will need to correct my speedo. I would just hate the spend the money right now if i won't see any gains from it.
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    not worth it, buy some drag radials and headers

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    If that is all you want, to correct the speedometer it is not worth the hundreds of dollars. Find someone who has a hand held and get them to change it for you.

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    someone with a handheld would not be able to do it for him since they are vin locked to only car only unless the original car is returned completely back to stock. you will have to find a tuner to have the speedo corrected but they should not charge you to much just for a speedo correction, i think 50 bucks is about normal for that.

    as for other gains you would be able to get some live data feedback and DTC readings. Umm the only thing that would really benefit you performance wise would be if you were runnign nitrous then you could retard your ignition timing a bit. also you would be able to richen or lean your fuel mixture 5% in either direction at WOT which could do you some good in the 1/4 but without a wideband 02 it would take alot of track tuning and some very consistant runs in order to know what is best for your car.

    All in all it would help you out a bit, but not really worth the money unless you can find a good deal on a used one.

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    I may not be in the right section,however I'll throw this out. I'm adding lt headers withthe y pipe. Any suggestions/applications of the oxygen sensors, i.e. front, back, one, two? Any help would help. rw

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