I am having code p0742, TCC system stuck on. From what I have been reading its referring to the computer determining that the torque converter clutch is staying on when it is commanded off. And its typically due to a faulty TCC solenoid or a stuck valve in the transmission valve body.

As far as my Trans I have 87K miles on it. Trans cooler and I don't drag race or launch hard from a stand still. I just changed Trans oil and gasket about 1500 miles ago. When I started programing for my P1SC (HP Tuner) these codes have been popping up. (My other code is a high idle)

Now for my question. Could I have tripped this DTC in my tune? The only thing I have changed in my trans files is abuse mode. Any help would be great, I don't want to drop the pan and replace the solenoid I would have rather done that when I droped the pan last time. Thanks in advance.