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Ok really stupid and ridiculous question...

This is a discussion on Ok really stupid and ridiculous question... within the Computer & Tuning forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; So Im seriously looking to get into an LS1. Im coming out of old school drag car and want to ...

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    Ok really stupid and ridiculous question...

    So Im seriously looking to get into an LS1. Im coming out of old school drag car and want to get something to enjoy a little around town and bracket race on the weekend.

    I have been reading everything I can on these cars just to see if this is the route I want to go.

    I have no issues paying for the proper tools, and tuning myself. But most likely would pay someone to ensure the car is tuned from the go, then work with it myself later. Just dont want to have issues.

    But like stated Im looking for something to cruise with and bracket race with and still run very respectable numbers.

    so my question - do many alter their tunes from normal street type driving to racing? I realize its a simple as firing up the lap top..... and is it noticable for mileage and driveability?

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    Not unless you are a boosted car and want to take advantage of good-gas and raise your boost level and/or timing... Even then it seems most folks just use 1 calibration.

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    Just like old school thinking--you may want to run more timing while racing with good fuel-and then having a different setting for pump gas--Also while racing you may want to get that last little bit of HP by tuning with a wideband 02 to get your AFR up to around 12.9--On the street there is no use in pushing the edge of the envelope and most set the AFR to a safer 12.5 or 12.6--On an A4 you may want to delete ALL the TQ managememt while racing--Delete all the emission equipt. such as the AIR pimp--EGR if equipted-

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