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i need help with spark and power enrichment

This is a discussion on i need help with spark and power enrichment within the Computer & Tuning forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; k guys wats up look here it is straight forward im triyn to figure out how to get my predator ...

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    i need help with spark and power enrichment

    k guys wats up look here it is straight forward im triyn to figure out how to get my predator tuner to work to its fullest potential without having to pay a 100 or so dollars to do it if anybody could jus help me out ill just mess around with it but i dont know anything about advancing or retarding the spark or injector slope and the power enrichment so plz plz someone help me out with this maybe if any other ppl have this tuner and would tell me what they did or used it would be helpful. &thank you for your time its well appreciated.

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    what are the modifications done to your vehicle? what kind of vehicle?
    what you trying to achieve?
    if you're not familiar with tuning or scanning and what the terms mean, and what to look for it's going to be difficult to pass on any recommendations.

    you might wanna look into a custom tune if your vehicle needs major tuning.

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    go to their website and look around

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    go to data streaming and monitor from the list long term fuel trims on both banks 1 and 2, Monitor spark retard, and timing. Go to your LTFT and see where they are at 2k rpm with cruise on. Should be around 4-5%. Go into customizing the tune and under injector slope take how ever many % out till the LTFT reads 0 to -2 % and thats where they should be. As far as spark, make some WOT runs. If you see no spark knock then adjust the timing up some till you see 1% and back down 1 degree of spark. 0KR is advised. The power enrichment will have to be done at WOT with a wideband AFR guage. 13.0 to 12.8 is desireable normally aspirated. Hope this helps.

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