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Hypertech Power Programmer

This is a discussion on Hypertech Power Programmer within the Computer & Tuning forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Hey there is a guy selling a HPP for a 6spd on here for $75. The price seems good, but ...

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    Hypertech Power Programmer

    Hey there is a guy selling a HPP for a 6spd on here for $75. The price seems good, but what i want to know is - what will i get out of it in a 6spd car? I know that things like hp tuners are much better, but i'm being cheap so....

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    Price seems really, really low. I sold mine over Ebay for 175 for a 2000 LS1. The reason I sold it, it made my car run lean at higher RPM (before CAM and TUNE). In my two dyno runs 1st tuned with HPPIII, and then 2nd run detuned back to stock I lost only 2 HP but gained 2FT LBS TQ at the rear wheels. It's not worth the money in my opinion. But I guess for $75 dollars if it doesn't do what you want you could sell in on Ebay for more money. By the way my car is a 6spd. It's really made more for AT's than M6's. Make sure you ask the guy if he has put his car back to factory settings so the HPPIII is ready to be used on another car. If not that HPPIII is locked to that car and will do you no good. Check out my sig for my numbers.
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    This will speak for it self. First run with HPP3 the second run was without right after removing the programing and the last once was after we let the car cruise in the dyno for a few minutes at different speed to let teh computer readjust to the stock tune. Also I ended up using the programer on my wifes 00 Z28 A4 to adjust the Shift firmest and shift points and after a few months the programmer died showing an error everytime I plug it. I called Hypertech and the tech guy was a jerk he said that because I'm not the original owner I was out of luck and that I could take it to a dealer to have the PCM reseted. I mean If they would have just charged me to fix it I would have been happy but they basically said tough luck. I only payed $150 but it still pissed me off that I wasted the money on it, I would consider a diablo tuner over HPP3. I've heard they have better support. My .02
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