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Handheld tunder vs. Professional dyno tune job

This is a discussion on Handheld tunder vs. Professional dyno tune job within the Computer & Tuning forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; i've got some beginner mods on my ss (hooker headers, borla exh., bbk ssi intake manifold/throttle body, grenatelli maf, volant ...

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    Handheld tuner vs. Professional dyno tune job

    i've got some beginner mods on my ss (hooker headers, borla exh., bbk ssi intake manifold/throttle body, grenatelli maf, volant coi, and some suspension stuff) and i was wondering what would be a better way to go... a professional tune at a shop or getting a handheld (keep in mind i know nothing about air/fuel ratios or anything else involved with tuning).
    i wasn't sure if it would even be worth tuning at all with such minor mods on the car but i think the differance in horsepower between a vette and camaro (because they're the same engine) is in the tune? i could be wrong.
    any advice or insight would be greatly appreciated.
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    Any car would benefit from a tune, even with just bolt on mods. I went with a professional tune due to my cam, I also have all the usual bolt ons. I can't tell you the differance from before and after because I did it all at the same time, right when I dropped the LS6 in the car.
    As for the hand held type tuners, I have heard (no first hand knowledge) that they work well with cars such as yours, that have generic bolt ons, and I say that respectfully.
    Simply meaning that you don't have extensive mods I.E. forced induction, radical cam, etc...
    I'm sure that you'll see some responses here soon with guys that have used the hand helds with great results.

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    Hand helds are good for adjusting tire size, gear ratios, fan temps and the like but tuning? Pardon me while I belly laugh out loud.

    If you want a "tune" for these cars the best (really the only) way to do it is with HP Tuners (or the like) and a dyno.

    Also the difference between the Vette and F-body is weight, intake and exhaust as well as a more agressive tune. The LS1 basic engine in the Vette is the same LS1 in the F-body.

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    i use the diablo sport on my stock car, and just to adjust fan temps and gear ratios and such, but i found that on my 02 all the tuning and fan temps were already set down low, so i wonder if it being a pretty high optioned slp car they already did that??? i dont know but i like the diablo, it took 2 tenths off my 1/4 mile time with my a4, and i doubt it it would do that much on an m6 car but i havent tried it yet

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