I bought LS1 Edit back when it was the only choice. Now I need to go back in after a couple years and change the fuel schedules. Moved to Atlanta and the gas is 93 instead of the lousy AZ 91 octane, and the altitude and temp are considerable lower on average, as well. I should be able to lean out my mixture considerably, but need to re-set up everything. My Autotap/EFI Live is now obsolete, but the upgrades are free, so I am set there, and LS1 Edit will still work as is, but I can't find the lates Excel Spreadsheets out there.

I had registered Brian Kinkopf's spreadsheet, but there is nothing in the file when you visit his old site. The spreadsheet comes up registered, then changes to unregistered on me, so i don't get full use of the spreadsheet.

What is the latest Excel spreadsheet that analyses the LS1 data?