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Best Power Programmer?

This is a discussion on Best Power Programmer? within the Computer & Tuning forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Originally Posted by BlackBeastLS1 How much of a difference would the Diablo Sport Tuner give me? I have a 2001 ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlackBeastLS1
    How much of a difference would the Diablo Sport Tuner give me? I have a 2001 A4 Z28 with full bolt ons, would it be worth buying?
    It will make a very noticeable difference, especially w/full bolt-ons already being in place. Once you start delving into more serious mods though, you'll need to learn how to datalog (or have someone tune it for you), to take full advantage of such mods.

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    thanks alb231tb, im just curious on how much it did for your car being stock? did you run the car before and after to see what the improvement times were? i know it should cure my car but i would like to get a little more than just a fix if you know what i mean. thanks

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    Well bad news is I havn't been able to tune on my car directly yet because when my friend and I were at the track without even doing anything to my car is had an audible pinging from with inside the car. So we never tuned on mine. But we did tune on my friend (who went in with me to get HPT) s 98 T/A. He hasn't done anything to it but it came with an aftermarket ram air hood but since he had a non WS6 car it was shoving air in the same stock box. Ok that aside he always complained about his car not really feeling like it took off until 3kRPMs or so. Ok at the track we first did a run no changed just logging. Then via the scanner we turned the fans on full blast and was able to keep his engine at a cooler 198 compared to the 225 that it was running (the stock PCM doesn't turn on fans until 226)... again I could change these values perminate with the edit but for testing purposes we just played with the varables via the scanner which are LIVE!! So after the first pass we did nothing more than add timing didn't change fuel or anything else except don't forget about the fans we turned the fans on right after we crossed lights and back off again right before he lit up the final stage light. Also you have to take into consideration that the hillbilly style track we were at that allows passengers .... I love that last thing about the track it is 1/8 mile. Ok his initial pass was 9.4@77 slow compared to my 01 Z28 which ran 9.2@80 on our first pass of the night both cars hot off the road. Ok so with his time what it was I adjusted timing adding 2deg each time. It got to the point his car was blowing the tires away so bad it was crazy compared to how it run untouched. We were able to get it down to 9.1@79 so we roughly gained 2mph and droped 3 tenths in the 1/8 and to me thats something. That was done on 10deg timing added to the mix. We also made a pass at 12deg added but since his car got very traction limited we didn't notice a difference in performance. Next time we go my car should be ready, i've been adding 3 fuel inj cleaner bottles everytime I feel the tank up with gas. And so far i've only done it twice and i've gotten on my car several times and never have heard any clatter of anykind. Also we never heard any noise coming from my friends car it was weird.. it's as if his car said yeah OH YEAH GIVE ME MORE. But without a WBo2 I wasn't going to get to crazy. Another thing over the weekend I got the latest GMHTP and guess what the have in there that doesn't even make the cover.... HP Tuners oh yes and they dyno tune a bone stock 06 z06 now I don't know if it's just me but i'd thought those cars would come tuned to the max but they were able to get almost another 16hp and 14lb/tq at the wheels . Proof is in the pudding my friend!!!


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    I just got the Hypertech tuning on my 2002 Trans Am Convertible along with the K&N Filter and Shift Kit. I have really noticed a difference in the performance, especially how the car responds to the gas pedal now.

    Nobody mentioned this product here but I like it.

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    I saw what a HP Programmer can do tonight, basically a full tuning car. Ill be getting it tuned in a week or so...and will get back with the results asap.

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    My advice is to spend the money and get a custom tune from the guys at work. They got 30+ out of my setup...can't wait to get the longtubes on there and let em retune! I had a hypertech...sold it cheap.

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