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Announcing Pre-Orders for HP Tuners VCM Suite v2.1 and new MPVI interfaces!!

This is a discussion on Announcing Pre-Orders for HP Tuners VCM Suite v2.1 and new MPVI interfaces!! within the Computer & Tuning forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; ... HP Tuners is pleased to announce that we are now taking pre-orders for VCM Suite v2.1 and MPVI interfaces. ...

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    Announcing Pre-Orders for HP Tuners VCM Suite v2.1 and new MPVI interfaces!!

    HP Tuners is pleased to announce that we are now taking pre-orders for VCM Suite v2.1 and MPVI interfaces. The v2.1 release is very significant and includes the following new features:
    MPVI interface
    New software delivery and application key based license system
    New credit based vehicle licensing system
    GM GenIV V8 vehicle support (LS2/LS7)
    Once again we would like to thank all our valued customers, forum moderators and contributors who help us continue to innovate and deliver new features to the tuning market. We hope you enjoy using VCM Suite as much as we enjoy making it!

    Major New Features of VCM Suite v2.1

    MPVI Interface
    The eagerly awaited MPVI Interface is finally here! This second generation hardware from HP Tuners raises the bar on cross platform vehicle tuning, licensing flexibility and user features. The brainchild of our in-house hardware expert, Ken Cannata, the MPVI sets a solid foundation platform for HP Tuners over the forthcoming years. The MPVI interface enables HP Tuners to expand the existing GM platform support with the addition of the GenIV V8 (LS2/LS7) vehicles and also lays the foundation for upcoming Ford and Dodge tuning solutions. "We have some major plans to execute in 2006 and the MPVI is critical in our ability to achieve our goals. I'm confident the MPVI and the new features it enables will make it a popular choice for new and existing customers", said Ken.

    The MPVI interface comes in two types, the MPVI Standard and the MPVI Pro with Enhanced I/O and data logging capabilities. The feature set is as follows:
    USB 2.0 interface
    GM (VPW/CAN), Ford and Dodge communications protocols
    4 Analog Inputs (MPVI Pro only)
    2 Switched Outputs (MPVI Pro only)
    Data logging (MPVI Pro only - future software release)

    Application Key Based Software
    VCM Suite 2.1 incorporates a new application key based software licensing system. This means that additonal capabilities can be enabled in the software by simply purchasing the feature and obtaining a new application key to enter into VCM Suite. No more downloads for license additions! Internally, this new structure helps us deliver new features and bug fixes faster to the end user. It also allows for a much more automated and personalized experience when purchasing new features or considering purchase options.

    Additionally, when combined with the new credit based license system, this new structure delivers great flexibility and freedom when it comes to licensing vehicles. No more upfront decisions, more options to suit business situations, faster new license additions and less uncertainty takes the guesswork out of getting the best value for your money.

    Licensing Credit System
    VCM Suite 2.1 and the MPVI interface combine to provide the industry's most flexible vehicle licensing system. Customers can now choose to license vehicles in the most convenient or cost effective way to suit almost every situation. The new "credit" based system is very flexible and current options can include Single Vehicle License, Year/Model License, Bundled Packages, VCM Enhancements and can be expanded at any time. Here's how it works...
    The customer purchases a VCM Suite GM base package that ships with either MPVI Std or Pro, the software is licensed for an initial 8 GM "HPT Credits". At this point the customer doesn't have to specify the vehicle type or license type; they have 8 GM credits to use as they wish. They install the software and drivers, connect up to the vehicle and attempt to read the vehicle calibration. The software will prompt them with a message saying the vehicle they are connected to is unlicensed and presents them with a menu of how they can use their existing credits to license this particular vehicle. The user chooses the option that best suits their circumstance, the appropriate amount of credits are "used" and the vehicle is now licensed. Customers can purchase additional credits at anytime via the internet and add them to their VCM Suite software via a simple process. In future, Ford and Dodge credits will also be available.

    Single Vehicle Licenses also complement the existing Year/Model and Tunershop Package licensing methods. This option allows customers to choose to license a single vehicle if that best suits their circumstance. For example a weekend or track tuner may opt for Year/Model licenses for popular models and keep a few credits spare for other less common vehicles that can be licensed using the Single Vehicle option.

    Customers have complete control over when and how they choose to license different vehicles and also how they manage their credits. The base packages include 8 GM credits that, for example, could be used to license four single LS1 vehicles or two LS2 vehicles or other combination. Once credits are used they are permanently stored by the software and cannot be modified.

    For more details of the credit system please see the Credit System FAQ.

    Existing customers will be able to upgrade from their Serial interfaces to the MPVI and transfer existing licenses to the MPVI.

    GM GenIV (LS2/LS7) support
    With VCM Suite 2.1 and MPVI it gives us great pleasure to announce public release of GenIV V8 vehicle tuning! VCM Suite is the only package available that provides comprehensive tuning and scanning capabilities for the GenIV engines in a single integrated software package. No guessing what the impact of the tune are on critical parameters such as knock, injector duty cycle and commanded fueling. Also, included is comprehensive support for the Transmission Control Module (TCM) which is a separate controller for the GenIV vehicles. Lightning fast reads and write speeds with no hardware bottlenecks are the norm for HP Tuners, write the PCM and TCM calibration in only 30 seconds!!

    Only HP Tuners VCM Suite gives you the power to tune and scan GenIII, GenIV and V6 vehicles from a single integrated software package using a single interface. With upcoming release of I4, I5, I6 and Duramax tuning in the GM stable, combined with Ford and Dodge tuning coming soon, your investment in HP Tuners is well protected.

    We are now taking pre-orders for new purchases and upgrades to Gen IV V8 (LS2/LS7) support only. We expect first shipment to be 15th Feb, 2006.

    Upgrades for existing customers who do not require Gen IV V8 (LS2/LS7) support will be allowed after 1st March, 2006. We are staging the release to manage the administrative load and give priority to those wanting LS2/LS7 support.

    Base Packages
    VCM Suite GM Std - $499
    VCM Suite GM Pro - $649 (enhanced I/O)

    GM Base packages ship with:
    - MPVI Std or Pro
    - USB 2.0 cable
    - OBDII cable
    - VCM Suite Software CD
    - 8 GM Credits

    Vehicle License Credits
    add 1 license credit GM - $49.99

    GenIII Single Vehicle license - 2 credits
    GenIII Year/Model license - 6 credits
    GenIV Single Vehicle license - 4 credits
    GenIV Year/Model license - 20 credits
    V6 Single Vehicle license - 2 credits
    V6 Year/Model license - 6 credits

    All GenIII Car Package - 80 credits
    All GenIII Truck Package - 80 credits
    All V6 Car Package - 80 credits

    1 bar SD Enhanced (GenIII single vehicle) - 1 credit
    2/3 bar SD Enhanced (GenIII single vehicle) - 4 credits

    1 bar SD Enhanced (GenIII unlimited) - 10 credits
    2/3 bar SD Enhanced (GenIII unlimited) - 40 credits

    MPVI Upgrades
    Serial Std/EIO to MPVI Std upgrade - $149 (user must pay shipping for returned serial unit)
    Serial Std/EIO to MPVI Pro upgrade - $199 (user must pay shipping for returned serial unit)
    MPVI Std to MPVI Pro upgrade - $289 (user must pay shipping for returned MPVI unit)

    Note: Customers who upgrade to MPVI that don't have current 2.0 software support will receive v2.1 at no additional charge.

    For complete pricing information please see our orders page.

    - The HP Tuners team.

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    just to add to that they've added revisions for upgrading with your current credits details can be found here this should help the weekend tuners alot. The upgrades apply to not only vehicles but their 1, 2, 3 bar unlimited packages.

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