This may or may not run in with the other sticky, but since I've noticed this question has been asked enough times that its repeated a few times on the first page alone, I figured I'd give you all a bit of insight.
This is a repsonse I gave to a member asking if they should get a tune after headers:
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If you dont plan on doing a cam for a while, then get it tuned. Your going to be running rich so if you want to maximize power if a cam isnt in your near future. You actually have a few routes you could take.
1. get a handheld and out grow it with your next big mod. You dont wanna tune a 125 shot with a HPP3 do you??
2. get someone to dyno tune it for you..ok if you go to someone who knows what they're doing. These tunes are mainly to get the car to idle and for WOT, not part throttle, where guess there most of the time!
3. if you have a laptop, tune it yourself. Tune the car the way it should be tuned. Let me tell you. It takes more than a few hours to tune the car. A wideband is almost a must have too. You can go as cheap as the LC-1 or the expensive dual sensor ones...all depends on what you want and how much you wanna spend now and in the long run.