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This is a discussion on Transmission..U-Joints...Diff..??? within the Drivetrain forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Hey guys im new to theses cars, I just recently purchased a 99 Firehawk. I know the car has been ...

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    Hey guys im new to theses cars, I just recently purchased a 99 Firehawk. I know the car has been driven a little hard allready, after all i didnt buy it off a grand mother.

    The body is in great shape, but the engine lacks the emmph i think it should have. Also I hear a clunking noise when shifting either from park to reverse and reverse too drive. Its an auto transmission, and it sounds like its coming from the rear end of the car so i was thinking u-joints or diff. The sound isnt that loud or very frequient. But it has done it a few times.

    As for the engine, ive driven a 94 camaro Z28 (i know its a different car, different engine) and it seems that the camaro had alot more too it then this car. Off the line the tires wont break loose, could be good rubber on the rear or its just a slug. The camaro would lay 2 strips about 15' long (lol when your 16 thats the coolest thing too do, lol).

    Did i buy a lemon or do i just need to do some work?

    ps-thanks for all input

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    You def didn't buy a lemon although the lt1 has it's torque kick in sooner than the ls1 does the ls1 has more overall power and torque and the power band is longer in the ls1. As for your knocking I would jack the car up put it in neutral and try and move the driveshaft up and down and side to side, see if the u-joints have any play in them if they do replace them. Noises can some times be hard to track down though they can sound like they are comming from one place but can be in a completely different spot. If the transmission mount was going out you would probably feel it in the car when you shifted into gear.

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    Hay a 99 Firehawk huh ? Anyways I had a similar noise when I picked up my car last summer it turned out to be the rear brake pads , they wore in really wierd and caused a clunking noise and had to replace them .

    As for the power ,mine goes pretty good once you turn the TCS off !!
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