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Rear end concern

This is a discussion on Rear end concern within the Drivetrain forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; I have been reading about all the bad things about the 10 bolt and that if you increase HP you ...

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    Rear end concern

    I have been reading about all the bad things about the 10 bolt and that if you increase HP you will eventually break it. my question is I have a 2000 TA and I have begun noticing grinding from the rear. not too much and it only does it at low speeds when the clutch is in. when I put the clutch out the noise goes away. I really don't have the money to replace the whole rear so what would be a good measure to make sure that this rear last as long as possible.

    Thanks in advance.

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    start saving for a 12 bolt or 9". Trust me, my rearend broke and I replaced it with another 10 bolt and Im just waiting for this one to go too. When it does im upgrading
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    It really depends on how you use it, and even then there are no guarantees. It could last for another 100K miles, it could break in the next half hour.

    Noises, however, are a good indicator of impending drivetrain death. But, I have to admit, "grinding" at low speeds with no load is a bit of a strange one for a rear. Typically, load on/load off noises can be attributed to pinion bearings, but that would be more of a whine. It's always hard to diagnose a noise over the internet.

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    Change your differential fluid, check for excessive metal particles or gear wear. I'd recommend replacing with a quality synthetic. You also might want to check your rear u-joint.

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    are you sure it isnt your clutch since it make noise when the clutch is in

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    it sounds like it is coming from the rear not the clutch.

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    whats the average cost of a 12 bolt or 9 bolt?

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    well the mystery is over the rear went out today. looks like its time for suggestions on 12 bolts and 9". let me have em.

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    a little heavier but a very strong rear. i think its like 2100 bucks for the whole setup. ofcourse most of the others are pretty strong too.

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