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Over Filling Differential

This is a discussion on Over Filling Differential within the Drivetrain forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Ok... I just installed my TA Diff. Cover and emptied 3 quarts into the thing...and it never spilled out. Most ...

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    Over Filling Differential


    I just installed my TA Diff. Cover and emptied 3 quarts into the thing...and it never spilled out.

    Most guides say it will only take 2 and the car WAS up on stands, nose down.... could I have over filled

    If so, is the only draw back will be some weeping from the over fill..correct?
    next I got this
    If you run it with too much fluid, you run the risk of blowing out your axle seals.
    And I have this question.....
    ..why would the seals blow out if there's a vent plug at the top of the housing.

    Why w/n the fluid expand into that void then out the vent? Why would the system get that pressurized..I could see how the system might ove-pressurize if the housing was completely full and it experienced a momentary increase in pressure while trying to get fluid out the overfill

    Educate me

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    I can't tell you anything about this other than I would level the car and get the extra fluid out. Your axle tubes are probably full which means any little leak in the seals will weep in places you don't want hypoid. Liquids can't compress but they will expand with heat and that is what a road trip will do to the entire axle housing and contents. Expanding gear oil will certainly find any openings and may create new ones in the seals. Also, too much of your gearing is thrashing in that heavy oil. This not only causes it to foam but steals away horsepower. It might even reduce the oil's ability to lubricate and resist shock with it being aerated. Just some things to consider.

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    Like above said, the vent will release fumes or gases but not so much fluid. Also is the vent clean and not clogged?
    Too much fluid is never good, if you had the rear end up and the front end down the chances of you over filling are good. try and get the car level and pull open the fill hole or the upper plug and see if fluid leaks out, if so then it drip until its satified.
    General rule of thumb is if you can stick your finger in the hole and get fluid then your good.
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