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Differences between: Locker,Limited slip, Spool

This is a discussion on Differences between: Locker,Limited slip, Spool within the Drivetrain forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Copy pasting some links from Wiki on the difference between the 3 major types of differentials. They are good reads, ...

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    Post Differences between: Locker,Limited slip, Spool

    Copy pasting some links from Wiki on the difference between the 3 major types of differentials. They are good reads, when your done you will know the differences between them

    Limited Slip


    Locking Differential or "Locker"




    A spool permanently locks both axle shafts together so that both rear tires will always turn at the same speed. Many spools allow the use of larger axle splines which can provide tremendous increases in axle strength. The lighter, stronger alloy steel spool also improves ring and pinion life by providing a more rigid ring gear mounting. Many rear end problems are caused by deflection of stock cast-iron carriers or failure of differential side gears. A spool is single piece carrier and does not offer any compensation for different rotating speeds in the wheels. Because of additional stresses created by a spool, it is not a good idea to run stock-spline axles with a spool. Spools should be run in race only type applications and are not intended for use on the street.

    *^^ Not my opinion or words above ^^*

    Inside the Eaton TrueTrac Differential


    Thought I would post this, as not everybody knows.

    Try and post some of the differences between the major rear ends available. If you know anymore, lets try and get them here.

    3rd gen rear's are 1.5" to 2" narrower on each side. Brakes are different, and the torque arm mount might be different. (IF someone can confirm what length, 1.5" or 2", that would be great)

    9" requires a one inch longer driveshaft

    Moser uses 4 short bolts to attach the torque arm, Strange uses two long bolts, like the stock setup.

    MidWest Chassis fabbed 9" weighs 168 pounds. The stock 10 bolt weighs 160 pounds.

    12 bolts ring gear is 8.875", 9" is obviously 9" rear gear.

    Dana S60 requires a shorter driveshaft.

    2 series VS 3 series pictures - (Thumbnail pictures, click to see a full size picture)
    Click for full size

    Click for full size
    2 Series was used in any fbody with a lower than a 3.08 ratio (2.73). 3 series was used in a fbody with a higher ratio then 3.08 (3.23+).

    Axle shafts are the same for 2 series and 3 series.

    Wanting to know what rear gear ratio you have in your stock fbody? Check the RPO codes on thee inside of the drivers door for these codes :
    GU2 = 2.73, GU5 = 3.23 and GU6 = 3.42

    3 channel rear ends have only ABS. (No TCS). They use 2 wheel speed sensors (WSS) on the front two wheel only. In the back they use one sensor mounted on top of the differential. This sensor picks up peaks and valleys on the reluctor ring mounted to the ring gear.

    4 channel rear ends have ABS and TCS. They use 4 WSS's, one at each wheel. 4 Channel rear end's use a separate reluctor ring at the end of each axle instead of the single mounted reluctor ring mounted inside the differential like the 3 channel.

    Wanting to swap a 3 channel rear end into a 4 channel rear end car? -
    You could swap the axle shafts from the 4 channel and the sensors, it would then work. Swapping a 4 channel into a 3 channel is much more of a hassle, and IMO, not worth it. Drilling and tapping a hole in the correct location (on top of the differential) is need for the reluctor ring pick up.

    More to come hopefully. If there are any misprints, mess ups or whoopsie's, I'm sorry Let me know and we will change them, it happens.
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    Here's the new WaveTrac video. Not really in depth, and I would like to know more about them really. The warranty on the unit is awesome.


    Here's the Locker video I tried to post previously. Maybe it will embed correctly this time.


    The two pictures above showing the difference between the 2 and 3 series carrier posted again:

    I'm just going to add my opinion on today's Tru Trac. I have one in my Moser 9" and I am less then satisfied. I'm 95% sure its on its way out. After one year of racing it started clicking/popping immediately after my last pass, as I was turning out of Milan Raceway. It might be a torque arm issue, or LCA's... but I doubt it. After reading other reviews of Tru Trac owners, they describe almost exactly what is happening with mine. At ~400 RWHP the Tru Trac is showing signs of failing. The Posi Unit did drive great on the street though, drove like stock.

    Eaton has bought Detroit Tru Trac, and ever since then, the problems are showing up. Seems the guys running the older Tru Tracs are not having the problems, just the new Eaton owned Tru Trac. Until Eaton solves this problem, I would recommend staying away from the Tru Trac for any car that will see the track 5+ times a year, Especially manual transmissions.

    This new(er) WaveTrac looks very promising with a lifetime warranty (Maybe 10 years?) and different design then TruTrac. The cost is what is keeping the reviews/buyers away. At ~1000 dollars and the need to swap axles to 35 spline, its a huge hit to the wallet for something that is not totally proven yet. I know I for one, have high hopes for the WaveTrac, Not everyone wants to drive a loud locker or annoying spool everyday. If anyone on this board has any first hand experience with the Wavetrac in a RWD application, it would be great to get a nice reviews going on it.
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