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Did a rear end fluid change...

This is a discussion on Did a rear end fluid change... within the Drivetrain forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Did a rear end fluid change on my 2000 SS which now has 58K on it. I hadn't done one ...

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    Did a rear end fluid change...

    Did a rear end fluid change on my 2000 SS which now has 58K on it. I hadn't done one in about 35K miles and the fluid looked just fine. I put in what I always put in mobile 1 75/90. used a new gasket yadda yadda yadda but my real question is GM additive 89021958 is what was sold to me at the dealership when I asked for limited slip additive. This crap was like $19! and it looked different then what i used last time which I think was part # 1052358. The guy at the counter said that this was the new part number and it replaced the old one. Anways I dumped it all in (I think 4 ounces) and now I am reading that is a concentrate and you are only supposed to use like 1 ounce or something like that and its for a GTO or something. I have not drove it more than maybe 2 miles and everything sounded ok but whats the story here. Did I screw up and use the wrong stuff? Is the guy from the GM dealership full of crap? I am going to have problems? Doing this kind of work is a PITA cause I live in a apartment and I do not want to change out new fluid but if I need to I will. Talk to me folks.


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    Hey RPO_WU8

    I installed a TA girdle on my rear end about a year ago
    and went with royal purple syn. I also used the GM additive even though
    some would say you don't need it with the syn. I would not worry
    about your set-up, it sounds just fine. I don't believe your GM parts man
    would steer you wrong. By the way I did my cover and fluid change
    in my backyard on a nice spring day with ramps and jack stands.
    Where did you do your job ? I like working on my car.
    All the best.


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    I use mobil 1 gear oil with 4 ounces of Kendall additive with no problems. The additive isn't necessarily need with the torsen differential.

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    Been using the additive..

    But the one I put in #89021958 did not look like the usual whale sperm LOL that I had been getting through GM. This one looked like some kind of medium green dye. I used to run without the additive (older whale sperm lol) but it was a bit noisy and using the old additive it was much quieter but at $19 I wonder if what I put in was so radically different that I may have put in the wrong stuff. Plus I did a search on it and it mentions it being for a new GTO and to only add 1 ounce instead of the entire 4 ounce that came in the bottle.

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    i use Ford friction modifier

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    This is the stuff I usually use and its ok to put in extra.

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    That is the stuff I used as well, but I don't have a Torsen.

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