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axle bearings?

This is a discussion on axle bearings? within the Drivetrain forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Little trick I learned for seals over the years messing with GM axles.. Once you have the seal driven in ...

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    Little trick I learned for seals over the years messing with GM axles.. Once you have the seal driven in flush with the houseing. Take a small piece of 2x4 say 5in. long.(a piece with no knots a right sized socket works well too) lay it centered flush against the seal and housing and give it a few good hits with your hammer in the middle area of the wood. This will serve to slighty sink the seal into the housing and the center where the actual seal is will slightly bend inwards. Don't go nuts whacking it. But the slight inward bend will actually help tighten the rubber seal around the axle shaft, and drift the seal in so that the leading edge or the outer lip of the rubber seal is not touching any non-machined surfaces... The seal should NOT exceed axle end play...... Don't forget to lubricate and turn/rotate the axle shaft (I use bearing grease just on the seal mouth) as you're inserting it through the seal. This will ease it in so not to pop the round seal spring out of the seal. If the spring comes off the seal, it will leak and you'll be doing it all over again soon... Stopping when the seal outer ring is just flush is a mistake many people make by accident. You won't find it in repair manuals either, least non that I've seen..
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    Black RTV usually works well so long as both surfaces are clean and free of oil. Lay down a bead and allow it to set for a bit before installation. Just don't get crazy with it as you do not want the excess to squeeze into the assembly as you tighten things back down.

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    I wasn't looking forward to pulling out the axles, but with the right tools from Autozone (Slide hammer, bearing puller and bearing driver set) it was a breeze. I knew I should have set the bearings in the freezer overnight, but the first one went in. The second was in the freezer for an hour or so before installation, and it was easier to drive in.

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    If I had to guess, it's the pinion bearing...they tend to hum....when axle bearings go out (not often), they will squeal...

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