I found a used Strange S60 rear end and driveshaft that I may purchase from a shop for $2,400 installed. It also comes with the Strange LSD Differential, Strange Engineering 35 spline street/strip axles, Strange Chromoly driveshaft with upgraded slip yoke and u-joint. This rear is off an LS1 Camaro that was totaled in the front. Note the shop owner cannot confirm which differential model it is since he's had the car a while and lost contact with the owner. These parts have 20k miles on them and has 4.10 gears (I currently have 4.10s in my stock rear with 85k miles; M6 car. Mods in sig).

Does this sound like a good deal? I want to maintain the streetability of my car and may get a head and cam package soon. I don't think my car will ever exceed 500 rwhp so I think I should be all set with this setup. Not sure if it's 3 or 4 channel but my car doesn't have traction control so shouldn't matter?

I am a newb when it comes to rears and would really appreciate your insight on any questions I should ask. Some other random info I have on this car/rear:
  • The Camaro was an M6 street car (H&C but never saw the track)
  • The rear end was not shortened (Camaro has stock tires)
  • Shop owner is going to measure the driveshaft to confirm dimensions

Thanks in advance!