Hi i've got a 98 LS1 T/A with only 42k miles on it. Never been on the track, never been abused asides from living as an LS1. I'm looking for someone who might be willing to do a trade+ cash etc? I've got someone willling to do the work.

Please let me know if this might be you. Please email me at doctorleevil@gmail.com or 213 842 3214

Can anyone tell me if this is the complete parts list if i go through a salvage yard?
T56 Rebuilds 6-Speed4Apress. plate
T56 shifter+shifter knob
Master cylinder
Slave cylinder
ARP pressure plate bolt kit134-2201$26
ARP 11mm flywheel bolt kit330-2802$47
T56 crossmember
speed console top
Clutch pedal
Neutral safety switchN
Transmission mount
Torque arm mount/bracket, inner
Torque arm mount/bracket, outer
Clutch pedal retaining clip
Clutch pedal return spring
Clutch pedal pivot bushing (2)
Lower shifter boot
Slave cylinder bolts
Trans connector (brown)
Trans connector (white/blue)
Master cylinder bolts/washers/nuts(2)
Trans to bellhousing bolts(8)/$8