I have a 4.8LS from a 99 Silverado that I want to swap into my 93 GMC Sierra. GMC has a Getrag MG5. The 99 had an NV3500. The 4.8 came with flywheel, clutch disc and pressure plate. Input shaft is 10 tooth for both. Pilot bearing looks to be the same. I will replace disc and pressure plate and reface the flywheel. I know that the two trannies are very similar, but am I on the right track? BTW, I am keeping the 4.8 stock so there should not be an issue with too much juice for the tranny. Also, anyone have any ideas on turnkey kits? Don't have the ecm from the 99, and I want to keep the 93 electronics and gauges stock. The cab is very clean and it all works. Thanks!