I got a 2008 Silverado 4x4 1500 with the flex fuel 5.3.
Driving into work yesterday I started hearing a series of clattering and wondered what it could be.
I first thought vibration or wind rattling heat shield on exhaust.
But it happened over and over again.
Last a second or two, stop, 30-40 seconds later it would do it for a second or two, repeat.
I was on highway 75-80 and pretty flat road.
My ride is 60 miles each way and this happened about 1/2 way into it.
Did it for the last 10-15 miles as I drove to work.
Then the first 20-25 miles on my way home and quit.
I began wondering if it was "displacement on demand"?
I am not even sure if this motor is equipped with it, but the way it happened made me wonder if there were lifters being "de-activated", it didn't work as it should, then they pumped back up-activated again-"turned back on" or how ever these operate.
Is there such a thing that happens???
Would a 2008 5.3 truck motor have the d.o.d.?
I checked oil level, good, and changed oil about 600-700 miles ago now.
This morning all was good.
Any other similar known issues or anything I can look at or for???
Appreciate whatever I can find out.
THANKS for any help or info ! ! !