Hay LS gurus I've got a mate who's car is having an electrical issue, its an aussie WL statesman, It fired up after sitting for about 8 months(it was parked up due to this issue) we put a battery in it yesterday and I was checking it for error codes (none a showed) I turned the key and on the about 4th or 5th attemp it fired up, I moved it about 30mtrs parked it and was just setting the personal setting like curiosity light timer and door lock features whith the engine running and it just cut out with no spark so we done the obvious thing like check fuses and changed the cam and even the crank position sensor with a known working one and still no spark.

When we changed the crank sensor I noticed some oil in the plug but surely that's not the issue, I'm stumped as to what's next to look at & am on the hunt for other possible reasons to the problem of no spark.

Happy motoring 🤙