Hi, new to this forum.

Not new to internet car forums though, been a BIG part since early 2002.

I'm 22, I've owned about 20 cars before, bunch of cool performance cars and a WHOLE LOT of work done on them. Engines, paint jobs...

Big Mitsubishi fan, I've owned 4 1G turbo DSMs (3 AWD), 3 3000GT/Stealths (1 AWD TT), and my current car is an 89 Chrysler Conquest (Starion).

My Conquest is stored right now in my backyard, just a gutted shell pretty much. Last motor gave out again and I said car is down until it rises again some day with a V8.

What I AM going to end up putting in it, I've pretty much decided a centrifugal supercharged LS1 and 6-speed manual. I'll do it all myself and it will be quite a total project. 600hp goal and it will be a beautiful nice car. I don't know if I'll end up with a wrecked Corvette donor, of if I'll just buy all the parts I need individually.

I've always got projects though and I've also got a Kawasaki ZX-11 sportibke engine that needs rebuilt turbocharged and put in a small car (after Conquest project). I've got a Yamaha R1 bullet bike I've driven for 2 months its insane and I love it.

Check out this video, 600HP turbocharged LS1 Conquest thats been built already: