About 8 years ago we drove my 98% restored 1978 Trans Am into the garage and it has sat ever since.
I am trying to sell my house so the car is in the way.
At the time it had new fluids, belts, paint, ignition, plugs, wires, brakes, tires, bilstein shocks, wheels etc.
I fully expect the gas to be bad and the new tires flat spotted. Hopefully not a host of other problems now since everything gets worse over time.
I haven't done anything yet. I am asking what to do before starting and moving it please.
It's a #s matching drivetrain (TH350) Pontiac 400 (6.6L) but the engine has forged venolia pistons, moly rings, ported Pontiac 6X heads, balanced and blueprinted, aftermarket push rods, edelbrock intake and carb, comp cam. It had new Castol 10W30 oil at the time and Wix filter.
I mention the aftermarket parts in case that makes a difference on pre-start prep. Has the old factory R12 A/C system.
The car has sat in the dark garage out of the sun the entire time.
I've just been too busy to enjoy or finish the car so be gentle in scolding me for my neglect