I was all ready to buy a World Products Motown short block for my Syclone. 427cuin small block. Am going to add a T88 turbo to the mix so low compression is also in the equation. A friend told me to go with a de stroked motor instead of a stroked one like I though. He said it would be easier on the motor (less rotating weight) and would last longer. I am asking because I do not know if this is true.

I plan on driving this on the street and drag racing at my local tracks. (1/8 mile track 20 miles away, and 1/4 mile track 1-1/2 hours away) I want to drive to both and run and drive back. I am also putting A/C back on

Anyway, Looking for opinions. stroked World motown block with a T88 or destroked small block with the same T88 ?

Louisville, KY