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what heads would you recommend

This is a discussion on what heads would you recommend within the Internal Engine forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Prc....

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    Quote Originally Posted by stangslayer98 View Post
    hmmm the prc's made 529hp@ 6,600 rpm's 464 ftlbs torque on the engine dyno with cam and supporting mods
    Quote Originally Posted by ImportIntimidator View Post
    But heres a pretty sweet system I plan on implementing. Saw the install and test #s on the Chevy Performance website
    Patriot Performance Package:
    GM LS6 Style Stage II Heads, heat treated, 5-axis valve job,bronze guides, and precision welded chamber 59cc
    Fully assembled valvetrain including stainless steel valves, "Gold" .650" dual springs, titanium retainers, super 7 locks, machined bases, and viton rubber seals.
    Billet camshaft 226/226 .585/.585 112LSA
    Harland Sharp Shaft Mounted Rockers available in 1.7 (non-adj.)
    Includes new GM Head bolts.

    506 hp and 459 lb-ft. for 1,895.00......hard to beat that combo

    also other options include a higher cc combustion chamber (64) as well as other cam and rocker options
    I hope you guys are talking flywheel HP cause that is not even close to being actuall wheel HP......those #'s are waaaaaaay off

    My set up:

    *Longtube headers
    *True dual Xpipe (daul 3" pipes dumped before the rear axle)
    *Volant CAI
    *Powerbond Pulley
    *85mm maf
    *NGK plugs
    *37# injectors
    *LS2 timing chain
    *Hardened Chromoly pushrods
    *F.A.S.T 90mm intake
    *Nick Willams 90mm Throttle body
    *Cometics .040's
    *PRC Stage 2.5 Ported LS6 heads with dual spring kit, titanium retainers, 230 intake runner...etc etc
    *231/234 .644/.598 on a 112 LSA cam from Thunder Racing
    *Tuning done by Patrick G
    *Free mods

    469rwhp and 455 tq. The heads were only $1300 new from TSP. for 1k more you can buy AFR's and get maybe 5-8 more HP. So buy the PRC's with the 1k you save buy the fast 90/90 set up and for $300 more you can port the fast intake and get 5-7 more still. Which would put you over 470, which would be more than just buying the AFR's with no 90/90 set up. And prc's are very high quality.

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    does any one know what lr4/lm4/lm7/l59 heads would do if they where mach P&P would do for hp and t/q # thoes heads flow 200/70 with a 6.15 com chamber. thats the same as the ls1 heads but ls1 heads have a 66.67 cc chamber. on the other hand ls6 stock heads flow 210/75 cc with a 64.45 c/c chamber. now if you wanted to you could also get a set of lq4/9 heads they have a 210/75 but you will lose a lil bit of compresson due to the 71.06 c/chamber a quick trip to your local speed shop and u could make a lil it of hp if u mach the right heads for ur app.

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