Hey everyone.

I have a 2002 WS6 engine paired with a TH350 in my Nissan 240sx. The other day the water pump went on me (leaking from prop o ring). So I took it off and started to get it all cleaned up for the new one to go one. While it was up on the stand I decided I'm going to change the oil. I drain the oil and its milky. So I pull the timing cover, and rails and intake, but not the heads yet. I dont see any crack or leaks, so I'm thinking its gaskets. But I am going to check the decking before I do anything.

But if all is good and the timing cover is off, WP is off, heads are off, why not upgrade.

So I have a set of 241's, 243's, and 317's in my garage. So more then likely ill use the 243's with a stage 2 port and polish.

I am looking at the thunder racing cheater cam, 214/230 .601/.575 117 LSA
Dual Patriot Extreme Valvesprings and Ti Retainers
Thunder Racing Pushrods (7.400)
Valve Stem Seals

The 317 heads have 3600 miles on them so I might steal the rockers and valves from them.

But other then gaskets, oil pump, and cam chain / gears, what else should I get? I see ARP sells heads bolts and a stud kit, which one do I need? And am I missing anything else?

What kind of power should I exspect with this setup? Its on a 2800 Stall, with a 3.689 gear ratio on a LSD