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Valvetrain noise

This is a discussion on Valvetrain noise within the Internal Engine forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; those are some good numbers chief. bamaz28 said that you should do new lifters with a cam swap which i ...

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    those are some good numbers chief. bamaz28 said that you should do new lifters with a cam swap which i think is a good idea, but i was told it did not have to be done on ls1's. i have some lifter tap in mine to after my cam swap.

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    At the time that the h/c swap was done the shop said that new lifters wasn't exactly required since my bird only had about 55000 miles on her(and they looked good and all), but now I'm thinking I should go ahead and swap them for some better ones. Does anyone have some suggestions for some good lifters?

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    Quote Originally Posted by TACE02 View Post
    sounds to me you have correct length, I doubt Patriot would send the wrong length knowing the setup... Yours is similar to mine, stage 2 59cc, 7.4 pushrods all done by a performance shop. Mine is pretty loud, has been since the install 2 years ago. Might try different oils. Mine seemed to get louder with the Royal Purple 10W-30. Mobile synthetic was quieter. Gonna try some different oil once I finish off this case I have.
    I disagree. Patriot doesn't mill their heads to achieve the smaller 59cc combustion chambers, they weld them. chieftransam should be running a 7.425 or even a 7.450 pushrod depending upon the gasket he used. The Patriot stuff is crap, so I would assume their recommendations, pushrod length or other, would be crap too.

    chieftransam - Before going through the hassle of replacing the lifters, I would recommend you buy a pushrod length checker and check your valvetrain geometry. I'd bet they're too short. And if so, there is a good chance that a simple pushrod change will fix the sewing machine noise - which is MUCH easier than a lifter swap!

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    They weld them... screw that, mine were milled. whew! So yeah that could be a problem, length that is. But like I mentioned, mine sounds like a nice sewing machine going at it. Just more obvious with different oils and weights.

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