I have a machineist question to ask? If my ls6 heads have the stock valve size of 2.00 on the intake and 1.57 on the exhaust what is the biggest valves you can go on stock seats.
Does not the machine shop go ahead and grind on the valve seat itself to get everything lined up?
I was thinking for about 130.00 w/o shipping I could get Patriot Performance valves intake 2.055 w/ exhaust 1.60 and get the heads machined accordingly. I mean the 2.08 would be badass, but serious at that cost. It would probably mean going to aftermarket head set up.
Now I know you guys are going to laugh, but I wanted to find out if its possible to get a valve job done w/ stage 2.5 or even 3, and keep everything under 700.00 minus valves. You guys think thats a pipe dream? A port job w/o a flowsheet is it really worth it?