Hello everyone I am putting together a lq9 with 243 heads so basically an iron block ls2. I have been looking at cams and really like the looks of the tick sns torquemax stage 2 v2 ls2 cam however playing with online calculators it looks like it will put me in the low 9s of dynamic compression. I emailed tick and they said it would be 9.2/1 on a stock ls2. Isn’t that way too high for pump gas? Cam card says 44.5 IVC at .050, I’m in CA and only have 91 octane any help as to if this cam will work will be greatly appreciated thank you!

Tick Performance "SNS" torqueMAX Stage 2 V2 Camshaft for LS2 Engines
Standard Lobes: 231/235 | .625"/.605" | LSA111+2