To make a long story shot, it all started out as a catback swap. The girl wanted it quieter so I figured on a corsa catback. That led to Kooks headers with a catted Y-pipe. Then led to;

Cam - 236/236 .601/.601 113LSA - Livernois motorsports Stage 2R
Dual Valve springs with titanium retainers
LS6 intake
Ported TB

I got the car dyno'd at Cartek in Garwood NJ and we threw down 353whp. Kind of low IMO. They told me the cam was huge and stock heads were restricting the power. They also told me I should upgrade the fuel pump and injectors. I had done some research and thought that ~450whp was about max for both, and knowing I wanted to upgrade down the road, I said do it since it was there. And I did do a compression test, yeilding ~180 psi across the board. So it didn't dyno low because of that....

That leads me to now. I just picked up a set of Patriot LS6 Stage III heads, milled to 59cc.

Do you think I should upgrade the cam while I'm in there and everything is torn apart again? How much bigger can I go without interfering with driveability. This cam has some surge but drives very nice on the street. Power is higher in the rpm band. Is there another cam that would give me more mid range and drive nicer?

Car is a 2000 M6 WS6.

Like I said, I'm thinking of just sticking with the current cam and going from there.

I will also be upgrading the timing chain and oil pump. I purchased an oil pump but I had awesome oil pressure so I didn't change it out. I'll be getting a timing chain so I'll just do the pump as a precaution since I need to take it off anyway. Thanks!