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stroker kit opinions

This is a discussion on stroker kit opinions within the Internal Engine forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; I'm looking for a 427 stroker kit, and found this on e-bay. It includes an Eagle crank, diamond or lunati ...

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    stroker kit opinions

    I'm looking for a 427 stroker kit, and found this on e-bay. It includes an Eagle crank, diamond or lunati pistons, H-beam rods, rings, bearings. But is this setup capable of handling what I have planned for a setup. I plan on the 427 stroker (darton sleeved) block, AFR 225 heads, comp cams (now have a 228/232), Kooks 1-7/8" headers, and my A&A supercharger kit. The only thing missing for this setup now is the shortblock (the rest of the parts are in my garage now or on the car). My goal is over 700 RWHP.

    Will this kit handle this power? Is there better out there? I am on a budget here too....

    The kit is located on ebay at //


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    I couldn't get to the site - it told me I couldn't go there now. So I don't know what it is.

    Regardless, I'd really caution against a Darton sleeved block. I've seen five personally and three were leaking/had leaked. I think they can work well on mild normally aspirated applications. However, given all the money and time, I strongly recommend just getting a C5R block, particularly given that you are going to SC it. I would not cut any corners. A sleeved block might be alright for a mild street engine (although I wouldn't do that) but a SC will add stress throughout and I just don't think a sleeved block will take it. Particularly if it is an early LS1 block it may not have the valley reinforcement strength to take the mechanical stresses.

    I have a C5R block based 427 in my vette. The C5R has extra strengthening, over the stock LS1 and LS2 blocks in both the bottom end and between the webs in the cylinder bank valley (around the cam bearings). I built the engine with really good heads which of course is the real key to power (Patriot IIIs with a lot of extra porting and polishing) a Procharger D1SC. It puts out 595 to the rear wheels with mild boost (about 5 lbs). I went with Crowler rotating assembly and CP pistons. If you are serious about power, you will have to use aftermarket lifters and rockers: I went with Jesel Pro-series shaft rockers (definately overkill for the street but they fit well) and a Crowler custom cam, 1 7/8 headers, FAST manifold, etc.

    My engine builder, who knows a thing or two (he's built a number of Nascar winners) said the C5R block with good forged internals was good "to about 800 HP rear wheels" after which he would recommend going to an iron block.

    I my Camaro I went that route, 408 iron block which will I eventually will go up to about 800+RWHP.

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