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Stock Motor

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    Stock Motor

    I'm retrofitting an LS1 into my 70 camaro, and don't have the money to do a whole top end rebuild, but I want to at least put an LS6 cam in it. I want a nice loppy idle and decent power. Is this a good cam choice or does anyone have any other recommendations? The rest of the motor is bone stock. Do I have to change the pushrods or springs also when I do this, or can I just swap cams? Also, if I put the cam in, do I need a tune then?

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    for a lopey cam, just get a cam with a 112 lsa.
    as for the cam, a 224/224 is a great all around cam.
    youll also need moly push rods, retainers and springs.
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    The LS6 cam isn't a very good cam and has NO lope to it. Since you have a car made in 70' and don't have to worry about smog, why not put in a lopey non-smogable cam? The 224 on a 112 has a little lope to it, but not awhole lot. I'd think about something along the lines of a TR230, 233/239, F13, etc.

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    Camshaft specs are really foreign to me haha I'd like to have that aggressive sound but not have to change the springs if I don't have to. Since im putting it in a pre-smog vehicle, sure I'd love to get the most bang for my buck. Any specific cams or companies you recommend?

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    One word of warning on a lopey cam. You will be moving the peak power range higher up in the rpms and will loose vacume. A cam that is too agressive will cause drivablity problems. Too find out more on cam specs and what would be best I would consult the people at Crane or Competition Cams first. Or a least and experianced engine builder.

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    Ok, thanks for the advice. Anyone out there running a stock motor with just a cam?

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    If you don't want to reflash the ecm. Try a cam with 210@ .050 intake 214@ .050 exhaust with a 114 LSA and installed with a 114 degree intake centerline and a .500 lift. This will lope slightly, run with stock programming and give you great streetable power and decent mileage. I run a similar cam in a L98 350 Jeep. Foriegn dudes get pissed when beat by a Jeep.
    You could buy a monster cam, but you better buy LS1Edit with it, and program it yourself.

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