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Serious coolant Questions

This is a discussion on Serious coolant Questions within the Internal Engine forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; I have also asked this on ls1tech, but there is a thread about a new 402 that made me think ...

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    Serious coolant Questions

    I have also asked this on ls1tech, but there is a thread about a new 402 that made me think of something. What should be used for coolant? I have read and searched and it seems mostly opinion based and a he said she said deal.

    I would like this thread to be based on hard facts. Everyone says dexcool is horrible yet thats whats in the cars and trucks, as far as I know. I guess I would like to know why dexcool is so bad or good? what other options do we have? whats the good and bad about those? And last if we change to something else, what kinda of flushing do we need to do? I guess this really isn't an LS1 but more of a general maintenance question, but of course more toward our cars.

    I would prefer this to be a no opinion thread and based on facts and actual sites that someone could go to?

    I just changed my buddies coolant in a 93 caddy and the overflow was crusty and just plain nasty. Ran some pure water in it and put in what ever he bought and she ran fine. Now I would like to do it to mine here in a few weeks but don't want to just throw anything in the ole ta and want to learn more about the system and engine!

    So please post up!!

    Thanks in advice

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    I hear some people that change to the green stuff. I used dexcool in all my vehicles without issue. I do a complete flush and then add the new stuff. In our LS1's there are 2 drains for the block. One is behind the alternator and the other one is on top of the starter. they are both allen bolt type. I can look for the sizes if you need them.

    Drain everything pull the tsat out and fill with water. Run engine for a bit and drain again. Do this until is clear. Then drain one last time, put the tsat back and put the new stuff in.

    If you decide to change to green stuff you need to make sure you drain ALL the dexcool out. You can't mix them. Unless you get the universal antifreeze type.

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    dexcool has the better rust inhibitor, ever look at a fords coolant resevoir? IMHO...stay with the DEX.

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