well my name is john i got a project in the makeing of a 5.3 which i bought a ls1 intake and ls1 cam for it

any problems or things i need to look for i know alot of the 5.3 parts will work but i dont wanna pass up stuff on ebay if i need it ,

well just shopping for the right lower milage motor and dont have it yet but soon i bought parts for it so i have to yet see what im working with ,

wireing for a 99 s10 xtd cab 4x2 stand alone with after market gauges becuase its to much of a pain or money to make the stock guages work that have problems already

so i basiclly wanna know are the fuel rails different ?

are the thorttle bodys the same ? iv seen gaskets an throttle body spacers cut the same and thorttle bodys listed for ls1 and came off a 5.3 ,

from what i was being told ill lose lower end torque but gain topend horsepower and torque

190/191 int/exh @ 0.05" duration
0.466" / 0.457" int/exh lift
114 LSA < ---------- 5.3 specs

202/210 int/exh @ 0.05" duration
0.496" / 0.496" int/exh lift
116 LSA < ----------------------------- ls1 specs

all i can say is i love the forum and wanna suck up all the info i can no more 262 v6 4.3 s