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Rebuilding Engines

This is a discussion on Rebuilding Engines within the Internal Engine forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Hi Everybody. I have a 1994 Z28 with about 215K on it. Im about to sell it, and it drives ...

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    Rebuilding Engines

    Hi Everybody. I have a 1994 Z28 with about 215K on it. Im about to sell it, and it drives ok the way it is currently. But would it be worth it to get a reputable engine rebuilder to just rebuild the engine (mostly staying stock, no performance) before I sell it? I want to get 4K for it, and thought it would sell more closely to that figure if I had it rebuilt. What do yall think?

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    well... i think not... when you rebuild the motor you might put more pressure on the tranny or rear end and blow it... blah blah blah... you want close to $4k for it... ask a reputable person what it would take (im guessing like $1500 i could be off) and just take that off the price... i dont think you would get more of a return than what you put in and stand a chance of costing more or even breaking soemthing else... if someone buys the car they may not want to pay for your rebuild... maybe they want forged internals... let them do it like they want... if the mileage was lower i would say rebuild, but anyone buying a car with that many miles will prolly be completely gone through...


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    rebuilding the engine will cost about 1000 without machining or perfesional assistance. but the likely hood that someone will pay more for the car with a rebuilt engine is low
    1. Its hard to prove the work was done
    2. Rebuilt engine makes someone think it was blow and could have cracks or warping
    3. You never get the money you put into a motor back out in sale (unless you find an dump A)

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